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The UvA Geoportal was developed to facilitate the efficient exchange of geodata within the UvA community. Geodata is georeferenced spatial data such as satellite images, aerial photographs, and GIS layers having a geographical reference. Each dataset has metadata providing background information and use limitations.

Search for geodata using the Find Data box below or conduct more advanced searches from the Search page. For instruction on advanced querying, read ESRI's Using Lucene Search Text Queries. View all of the data currently in the UvA catalog from the Browse page.

Data can be downloaded using the Download Geodata Netherlands page (for data located exclusively in the Netherlands) or the Download with World Map Viewer for data located outside the Netherlands. The Download with World Map Viewer allows the user to download a zip file containing selected data using the Data Extraction tool. After selecting the data and geographic extent, push Extract to receive a link to the file.

Please be patient when viewing data as it may take several seconds for large datasets to appear and finish downloading. Larger datasets have been cached, a process which speeds up visualization; however, cached data often cannot be viewed at the largest and smallest scales. Therefore, if you are having trouble getting data to appear, try zooming in to the country level. Also, if you are viewing a dataset and then it suddenly disappears when you try to zoom in to the city level or smaller, this is probably due to caching and is not an error. Downloading the data will give you the full scale range to work with.

A pdf of more complete instructions can be downloaded here; we encourage course instructors to distribute this pdf to your students if you would like them to use the Geoportal for their studies. For questions or to become a data contributor, contact the UvA GIS-studio.
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